Becoming Who God Destined You to Be…..

Many times in life, all people can be accused of one major issue. We have found methods of getting in our own way. At some level of thought, our goals and aspiration needed an extra push by us to become viable and tangible realities. Unfortunately, our assumptions at some point produced more inconvience than anything. Allow me the space to eloborate on this thought.

Have you ever had a dream? As a matter of fact, have you ever been given a vision for your life? I am reminded of one of my defining personal moments. I was attending Kentucky State University. During my time, I was a part of the Baptist Student Union (I believe the name has changed since my I graduated). Our group was went to a state convention in Louisville. During the sessions, the speakers and worship spoke to my heart in a very profound way. 

One night in my hotel room, I sat at my desk and wrote down a list of goals and dreams that I believed to achieve over the next 10 years. I was not completely sure at the time why this need came over me. However, I decided to list 10 things and place the date on it. I put it in an envelope and made a covenant with myself to carry it with me everywhere until the date that I would open it up and see how far I had come. 

Ten years is a long time. A decade is an extensive period of time. My decade was 3653 days long (3 leap years in the mix). So much happened during that time frame. My mentality changed. My attitude toward people change. My associations were different. Ten years leaves room for growth, development, hope, and even certain levels of doubt and fear. Ten years…..

After ten years, I was completely convinced that my life was not moving in the direction God destined. I mean what didn’t happen. I had a long time relationship that dissolved. I lost two jobs. My personal economics got out of order. Friends left me. Those who I trusted most betrayed my trust. Criticism increased while support decreased. It was a life that was not my ideal. 

The general belief exists that when you live the best you can for God, your life will be honored and blessed. While that is true, most people do not tell you about the small print in that thought. The journey is not guaranteed to be easy. The road you take toward your purpose will not be paved with fresh asphalt. The well traveled road is guaranteed to have potholes, cracks, and faded lines. This road can log the mileage incurred by the successful and diligent. Therefore, it is inevitable to see the wear and tear.

When staring at potholes and cracks, one’s imagination can not conceive the inclination of progress. Usually one is consumed with the hope that he do not break his ankle in the pothole. The number of obstructions and challenges can cause your mind to see what is not there. Your heart can begin to believe that goals will never be achieved. Your mind can begin to conjure up plans to get around the issues before you. 

Well here is the good news. Every challenge and difficulty we face does not deny our future or destiny. Every test prepares to embrace and receive fully the magnitude of God’s promise. No matter how much others may think you are ready to receive the full manifestation of God’s promise, God knows best. No matter how much you feel that you deserve what God has for you, God knows best. 

The journey should be seen as a dream deferred but never denied. Your obstacles may tell you “never”, but you God reminds us that He orders the step of the righteous. Remember Joseph. He knew that God meant for him to be great. He told his family that much. However, Joseph only experienced the magnitude of his promise after tragedy, suffering, and struggle. 

Don’t be discouraged when you have difficulties that you feel are impossible. It all comes with the road you are traveling. When the devil tries to destroy you on this journey, use the potholes as hiding places to pray. Trust God to shine light on the predators that lurk (Psalm 23). Don’t give up. You are closer than you think….