Going Down the List….(A Few Quick Thoughts on Various Subjects)

Normally I take in a subject and begin to work though the nuances that surround it. It is a normal practice that engages my brain break open issues in a very deliberate and focused manner. This time around, I feel it necessary to get initial thoughts off my mind. Too much is happening right now not to at least have a thought expressed. So here is what is on my mind.

  1. I Guess Y’all Are Shocked? This week, people witnessed the corralling of Haitian immigrants at the boarder. The images gave us a glimpse into the horror stories of the enslavement and slave policing of our African ancestors. Many watched in disbelief as the U.S. demonstrated a lack of care, concern, and investment in the well being of those individuals of color who came believing the lie bring your tired, your worn, your huddled masses longing to be free. While it appears commendable to care for and rescue Afghans from a worn torn situation, it is very inhumane and disingenuous to suggest that Haitians trying to experience the same freedom are not entitled to the same care. I am convinced that people are still playing by the idea of conditional love/care. If the move does not benefit me, why should I have to invest any energy in the issue at all. People that have placed their hopes in the political process have discovered again that it is not set up for the benefit of people of color. However, it is designed to leech off of the hopes, dreams, and good nature of the disenfranchised looking to be free finally. Why are you shocked? The system is working as it is intended. Stunned? Don’t be. The system must be dismantled.
  2. What Are You Trying to Prove? I have witnessed many people making the cognitive decision to use all types of platforms to address situations that have deeply personal consequences. I realize that social media is a place to stay connected to all types of people at anytime. Yet, I have learned that the nature of community that people are seeking is not always achieved in the manner that our hearts and souls crave or need. The usage of social media platforms provide the world to give you open scrutiny that most moments in life do not need. No one should feel obligated to explain themselves because they are misunderstood. No one should place themselves under the watchful of haters when you are attempting to work though the constant challenges of life. Aspire to reach for deep meaningful connections beyond the characters used in a status. Make the call. Send the email. Set the time to let people you love know that you care. Don’t limit your interactions and persona to an avatar version of yourself.
  3. What Matters to You? I had a moment of reflection after Bible Study on Wednesday. I was just in awe of what God did in that moment. I sat on the floor next to the altar attempting to compose myself. However, I felt the unusual presence of God on me. I know I sat in place for about 20 minutes before someone asked if I was ok. I began to reflect on the price associated with serving in ministry for 23 years. While other people are looking for numbers, I am just trying my best to get this message of the Gospel to the people. I heard the declarations of people that I have to potential and gifting to have a “megachurch”. I kept lamenting about the price. I remembered almost losing my life, my family, my so-called friends and associations, and many other elements to this life. It was not until I left one thing that God finally had my full attention. I was not going to ever be able to do ministry under the bondage of trying to gain for myself. I want growth to continue to happen. I want God’s people to continue to be better day by day. Yet, I want God to just say well done. Don’t worry. My priorities are set. As long as I stay committed to that, I will be able to embrace the Lord’s well done.

So what is on your mind?

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