Dear Appropriators…(An Open Letter)

My name (once again) is Charles Walter Ferguson. I felt it necessary to open my laptop and begin to pen this missive before Thanksgiving. I give thanks daily for being in society. I give thanks for my uniqueness as a Black man. I thank God daily for my swagger, flavor, and life seasoning that can not be matched. It took me many years to arrive at this place.

I lived with people telling me in many forms that my experience, history, look, and approach did not fit the norms of the society. I was told through subtle activity that my blackness could not represent the totality of intelligence. I was looked over in many instances regarding creativity and skill. I watch as the world continued to demonstrate disdain at the very notion of Blackness as an enhancement, nay a blueprint to a greater and more perfect world.

Little did anyone know, learning the tricks and culture of this world taught me one important lesson. Every negative thing projected on my existence was not only a lie, but it was a diversion tactic from seeing the greatest robbery in history. You see it is not just a hatred of my existence, but it is a violent epiphany that states my gift is too good for me. Therefore, your lack of talent and flavor motivates you to steal what is good and whitewash it for your benefit. You attempt to mass produce it telling people it’s pure, while knowing you treat it all like crack cut to the lowest potency to sell for the highest price.

I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of watching people settle for Diet Black. I’m heartbroken each time I see Black people accept a low grade version of themselves while not realizing the thought or idea was siphoned from their history. I’m exhausted by fake progressives that want to carry unfounded outrage. I’m tired of the appropriation tactics of untalented, unscrupulous people. This nonsense must end.

I want let every appropriator know today that we see you. We see your dirty looks. We see your bad intentions. We see you trying to learn the 2/4 rhythm because you know 1/3 is off beat. We see your bad preaching with horrible cadence. We see you cutting the Gospel of a Christ full of melanin with supremacist/empire philosophy. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, I AM NOT BUYING WHAT YOU ARE SELLING!!!

You don’t have any blood on the struggle. You don’t possess enough love for others to demonstrate civility in this world. You act oppressed when God is disciplining you for bad acting. You show us daily that someone didn’t love you enough to spank you or correct you. You took a taste of everything we brought to the world and wonder “how did they get the flavor?” You don’t want to learn or be taught. You act entitled to everything.

You know what’s hilarious? I feel sorry for you. It must be hell realizing that you lack an identity. It must be horrible living a lie that you have to invest in keeping pace. You must really struggle with keeping that historical account updated because God forbid people knew the truth. Whoops! People know the truth.

So here is my prayer for you……

  1. Repent: Stop stealing what you can’t handle. Stop pursing what you are incapable of loving authentically. Stop faking outrage. Stop looking for a partner in overcompensating for your weakness. You never had to do it. You never had to become tool of imperialism and colonization. You could have let it go. Until you let it go, you will always be subject the price of sinful living.
  2. Learn: Realize that celebrating my humanity and gifting is a blessing and not a curse. Do not vilify my existence when you know that you would not be prominent or relevant without me (Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, and others forgot that they owed Black people. Black people forgot that they sold the sacredness of their spirituality to profiteers with no conscious). Recognize that you are not special enough to condemn my experience, especially when you have engaged in maintaining my condition.
  3. Shut Up: Take these lessons and keep silent. Your willingness to continue speaking against the sacredness of my being and existence will always make you complicit in oppression that Jesus never advocated. Learn of the True Christ. Stop trying to interpret what He said through the filter of your dirty intentions.

You can no longer steal without being caught. You can no longer take from me and call my originality trash. My existence is not for sale.


Dr. Charles W. Ferguson, an Appropriator’s Worst Nightmare

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