Signs of the Time

A few weeks ago, I was walking around my neighborhood just trying to clear my mind. I could not help but see how many signs appear in the yards of Berwick. The signs were not just campaign driven. The signs varied from statements on the value of Black Lives, monitoring the state of the police, and people of faith signifying their God does not affirm inequity and harm to humankind.

The most difficult reality of looking at all of these signs is that our world has been reduced to sound bites, social media characters, and easily verbalized statements. I guess my heart is torn. One thought is that people are in the embryonic stages of rediscovering the soft nature toward humanity. Another thought is that humanity devolved so deeply that we have to even investigate our collective empathy.

We are living in a high stakes game surrounded by bitterness, contempt, anger, and disillusionment. We are inundated with finding ways to live with stable understanding of nuance, intentional approaches to expressing the truth, and discovery of methods of empathy. This season is so challenging.

I am not attempting to write my usual lengthy dissertation about the issues of society. Honestly, I have grown physically and mentally weary of where we are now. I am saddened by the reality that people live in this micro thought age. How can we even beginning to find our way to a new method of living and engagement.

The truth is we must finally admit to ourselves that we need to embrace the unfiltered experience with God. I’m not talking about your limited, imagined, and created understanding of God. I am challenging us to find the God who requires us to worship in spirit and in truth. I’m talking about worship the God that tells us that holiness is right beyond superficial activity. I’m talking about worship the God that has the imago dei who recognize others who are the imago dei.

We can no longer piece mill our understanding of God to fit our comfort. We can no longer attempt to place God in boxes that can not confine the powerful nature and power of the Creator. We must learn how translate our growing relationship with God into active practice that impacts the world.

Signs are easy to post anywhere. The world is looking for transformation that changes our circumstances. Take the hint and be more than a caption on a moment in time.

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