Why Are You So Angry?

Jesus flips tables

Like many people in our society, I have grown extremely weary of the constant barrage of commentary regarding separatist ideology. The public discourse has become so easily toxic that my mind can not conceptualize the last time I heard anyone have a civil dialogue about anything. The wave of discontent and discord has led me to believe that human beings are not participating in any sort of evolution or growth. As a matter of fact, I believe people are beginning to discover that their level of depth in conversation, rationalization, and discernment has fallen behind the brain development of a gnat.

While I enjoy laughing at memes, jokes, and content worthy of a belly laugh, my physical insides of became affected the parasitic nature of anger, divisiveness, and arrogance demonstrated by people who claim moral superiority. I have become downright tired and exhausted by everyone who demonstrates some unnecessary level outrage. Most importantly, I am tired of the fake outrage of people who just want something to be angry about.

Would you all please SHUT……UP……RIGHT……NOW!!!!!!!!

Social media has made so many people brave enough to express their opinions on subject matter that they have never attempted to bring nuance to the subjects once. Most people are not immersed in trying to work through the difficulty of subjects that are not favorable. More importantly, people are attempting to constantly bring black and white to areas of thought and consideration that are constantly gray.

We are in the midst of a concept I will call the Heart vs. the Institution.

The Heart is comprised of the essence of what a movement or expectation should exhibit. For example, the Church is supposed to the Body of Christ–a living organism. The Body of Christ is supposed to understand, feel, embrace, and ignite transformation that stems from the heavens of a loving and benevolent God.

The Institution takes the narrative of the Heart and fits it into a box that causes limitation and cuts off access to the whole truth and narrative of the Heart. For example, the Institution called the Church will take the favorable parts of Body of Christ and fashion it into a dogma that will create hoops to attain favor, but it will not grant you the access to the grace needed in troubled times.

I am angry because individuals are content with being institutionalized. The world has made the point to tell others to choose sides over doing what is right. The concept is not a political issue. It is not a “rep your set”, gang-affiliation reality. We are living in times that people have decided to sell out to the highest bidder. We living in a world that social media is now the hub for fake outrage. We live in a culture that is willing to constantly cancel while hoping for restoration for selfish reasons.

Do you want to know why I am angry as hell? I am tired of free thinking, moral agents of the world, created in the Imago Dei (image of God) selling out their birthright of for a bowl of BS. If you can’t begin to understand why the perceived value of the human experience has been reduced, you are probably hoping that it continues to drop in order to promote the constant nonsense.

I am tired of fake outrage. I am tired of self-serving. I am tired. I am angry. I am fed up. This mess has got to stop. But how?

We must find a way back to being revolutionary. We must rediscover that being countercultural is necessary in exposing the true ills of our societal context. We must refuse to accept supremacist ideology as a construct of normalcy. We must expect better from ourselves as a community. We can not wait on others to fix what we have the capacity to fix.

I am not looking to fight against people that want to always prove that their ideology is correct. I am not getting into debates with individuals with the depth of a kiddie pool. I refuse to engage in the nonsensical debates of people with the visual perception of sheep. We must finally arrive at a moment that walking out the principles of Jesus Christ without limits will  transform the hurting, maligned, and forgotten. It is time to live in a way that justice will run like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.

We must no longer accept the pretense that others get to set the parameters around our individual and collective narratives. I am a Black man. I am a follower of the religion of Jesus Christ (Howard Thurman reference; look it up). I am not explaining to people why I hate systematic disenfranchisement (read the millions of books on it). I despise people who co-op a brown, Israeli Jesus into a theology of white supremacy (that ain’t my Christ). I am a child of the living God that wants to see and witness the genuine transformation of the hearts and souls of all.

And if it means flipping tables, Jesus set the precedent for my righteous anger!

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