Don’t Forsake Your Connection

The past several weeks has reminded me that importance of being connected with one another. Relationship is the simplest way to make certain that we are not losing our human touch. It is also paramount in improving our social, familial, and business interactions. Most people that you want to associate with must have a foundation with your values and view of life. 

I will admit. The death of many influential people in my world have aided in my arrival to this concept. I am convinced that many people have not taken sufficient time to actively explore how we have allowed disconnections to occur and persist. The expiration of one’s journey on this side of life brings a balance and unexpected perspective to how we interact with one another while time is yet on our side. 

We must arrive at the point where we have not always done our best in maintaining important relationships in the best way possible. We must confess that we can all do better in expressing our love for family, friends, and other associates. We should not have to wait until the lid of a casket robs us of our ability to say what we feel. We should not live with regrets about rectifying a situation. We should not forsake our connection with one another. 

So, what do we do about this problem…?

1. Be intentional in our interactions—If someone is on your mind, do not delay in reaching out to him or her. Make certain that you let them know what they mean to you. Even if they think you are losing your mind, never let the day pass without making certain they know that they are in their immediate thoughts.
2. Connect with your humanity daily—Do not allow social media, other platforms, or opinions dictate how you connect with people. Your experience may be totally different than what others have projected. Furthermore, you might be in a position to partner with someone designed to elevate your purpose and destiny to another level. Do not let the outside prejudice influence your potential blessing. Get to know people where they are and see where they will be. 
3. Take ownership of your own part—If you have caused a rift or problem in a relationship, own the responsibility and fix it. Fixing it does not mean find a way to make it benefit you. Fixing it may not mean restoring it to what it once was. Fixing it means finding a way to move forward in peace; restoring one another based on respecting each party’s humanity; and growing into a new realm of maturity. 

We must endeavor to consider one another every day. We never know when we might find ourselves in need of help, love, or support. As we strive to be better people in this world, we must continue to stay connected no matter what it takes. 


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