“I want to protect you, Daddy..”: A love letter to my son…

Dear CJ,

I don’t know what your mother and I did to deserve you. Daily, we look at ourselves as the luckiest parents in the world. You may not know this right now, but Little Man, you are absolutely the best kid ever. I recognize that you are 4 years old. You have not been touched by the ridiculous nature of the foolishness that the world presents to us. I am glad that your innocence and purity continues to remain intact. As long as I live, I will do everything in my power to remind you to hold on to that part of your existence forever.

I want to thank you son for caring for me while your mother is traveling. I know that you never want me to feel alone. However today, you said something so prevalent. You said something so significant that it was only from God. You remember your idea from Monday morning? It went something like this:

Daddy, I have an idea. Let me stay in your room tonight. We can look out for each other. I will protect you. 

As much as I wanted to tell you that I didn’t need you to take that responsibility, I am so proud that demonstrated the desire to protect your family. Son, I didn’t know that I would need any protection tonight. I didn’t realize that I would need it today. Yet, God has given you the spirit of discernment that we prayed for your life.

I recognize that you are not fully aware of what protection means for my life. I understand that the concept of protection is framed through the world of PAW Patrol and many other cartoons. I will not attempt to tell you how to care for your loved ones right now. However, I will let you know that you will learn as you grow how to protect and care better and better.

My prayer for you son is simple. Never change. Never lose the sensitivity of the Spirit of God that rests on your life. Never lose the depth of love for your family and friends. Never allow life to strip you of the essence of who you are. You are Charles Jeremiah Ferguson–A man of strength and vigor exalted by Yahweh.

Walk in your purpose and destiny my son…..

I love you very much….


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