Crafting Your Life Journey

A friend on my Facebook timeline put out a status that gave the estimated amount of time to perfect a craft. According to general acceptance, it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a craft. Being the nerd I am, I discovered that 10,000 hours breaks down to 416.67 days. Ladies and gentleman, that time is roughly 1.14 years. It takes a little over a year of dedication to perfect a craft. Now I don’t know how true that statistic is, but I am sure that it is measurement that we can use for a unique lesson.

Many people are living in the world today thinking about new ways to succeed and prosper. People are looking for the balance between home and work. Yet, others are attempting to find peace and calm in the midst of the constant white noise of life. The truth is that humanity has strayed away from the necessity of crafting a life of stability and focus.

The main reason for the lack of focus on balance is the constant information suggesting that one element of life is greater than the other. I believe that God teaches us to be in relationship with the Spirit and learn the necessary tools that will inform and direct our life journey specifically to us. The deeper issue is that we have not taken the time to perfect this craft.

We invest in the structures of various areas of our lives, but we do not take the time work toward a true synergy of our lives. I wanted to share a couple of things that are currently helping my own journey to a greater incorporation of life, living, and faith.

  1. Focus on the relationship with God. It is a necessity to make time with the Creator. Most people think that there is never enough time. The truth is that many people place their energy and time toward the things that are most pressing to them. This statement is not about judgment. It is to state that the reality of our existence. Preoccupation with the outside can alter the focus of energy on prayer, meditation, reading Scripture, etc.
  2. Live out the principles generated in your connection with God. There is nothing worse than an educated fool. We can gather information, but refuse to use it effectively in our lives.
  3. Spend intentional time with my core. You must take intentional time to be a human being. Date your spouse. Enter the imagination of your child. Write that poem. Play that game. Speak to a counselor. Sip and paint. Travel to new places.  Do not neglect you for the sake of proving you are sacrificial. Take care of you so your sacrifice does not become unintentional martyrdom.
  4. Breath life into your dreams. No dream truly dies unless the dreamer buries it. (Wow, that was seriously profound!) The only person that can kill a dream is the person that possesses the dream. Yes, doubters, haters, and detractors can be accessories to the murder. However, you and I have been given a great gift of resurrection if we use it. No matter what you have in your heart to do, give it your best shot. It is never too late to do great things.
  5. Eat at the table prepared for you. The psalmist writes that the Lord prepares a table for the writer in the presence of his enemies. We have take this aspect of the 23rd Psalm to state that God blesses in spite of our enemies. You missed the point. Many people have shouted of the preparation of the table and who is watching rather than the purpose of table. God gives you provision at the table for you to eat. Don’t preoccupy yourself with who is watching to the point that you forget to eat. You will go hungry.

Take a moment to think about your journey. We are not all going in the same direction in life. Our purposes may be very different. However, take the time today to consider your path. Find the most effective way to maximize the journey. Reap the rewards of a new process.

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