Refocusing at Halftime

Halftime. It is the most critical part of a sporting event. The moment give opportunity for a reassessment of strategy, adjustment to flow of execution, and reexamination of the opponent. Halftime. It is the stage of living that requires us to become more introspective our journey. We are at the half way point of the year, and it is time to take some inventory.

Over the past six months, we have witnessed greater division in so many areas of life. The political scene has reached the point of wrestling with Nazi Germany Part II and a “More Perfect Union”. Black and Brown people are still being killed, imprisoned, and marginalized. Weaponized, privileged tears are being exposed. Institutions of morality have begun waving the white flag in many instances. More philosophy has been offered regarding doing the right thing than actually doing the right thing. It’s bad. It’s not impossible to overcome. The second half is upon us. So what do we do?

The truth is we must go back to some simple basics. We must get back to the simple approach of treating one another with basic human dignity. The strangest thing happened when money, tangible pursuit, and supremacy became regular attachments in the world. It caused people to truly believe that a person could have a higher place over another.

The arbitrary dismantling of families is not a new issue. However, it is a reminder of how people associate their personal values in relationship to their beliefs and history. While many people are disgusted with children being used as bargaining chips for the building of a wall, several others are focused on the rule of law that continues to disenfranchise individuals desiring the opportunity to be free from oppression. The words of St. Augustine come to mind Lex iniusta non est lex (An unjust law is no law at all).

Nevertheless, the rule of law is protection for the supremacist, racist, sexist, and oppressor. The rule of law is protection for individuals unwilling or frightened to suggest that certain ideas are absolutely wrong on moral and spiritual grounds. Yes, laws are in place to establish order. They are to give guidance on how to maintain a decent society for all people. Yet, the law in the wrong hands become a weapon to increase fear and create greater division.

Treating one another with respect and dignity requires a change in our internal perception of one another. I ought to see you first as created in the Imago Dei  (image of God). From that point, I must treat and honor your life as sacred. It should not be necessary to remind you that my life is just as important as yours. It should not be necessary for the reverse to occur. We should begin on that common ground. Since we are in that unfortunate place in our global community, it becomes more important to begin in the place of common ground.

Take the opportunity to listen more to the journey of those around you. Think about the repercussions for siding with moral injustice. Consider the overall affect that decisions have for every person in your community. Renounce your judgmental ideologies and think critically. Attach yourself to history and recognize when it is attempting to negatively repeat itself. This moment has come for you and I to change the narrative. Halftime is over….

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