Sustainable Energy for the Journey

I have a few different television shows that I enjoy. When I actually take the moment to sit down and have mindless activity, I like watching a show on Viceland called Desus and Mero. The hosts of the show are also known as The Bodega Boys on their podcast. I watch the show because it is absolutely hilarious to me. All it is are two guys doing personal funny critique on society at large.

A couple of times, this Jamaican and Dominican duo have caught heat for how they have dealt with video clips with different famous or infamous people. Whenever that has occurred, they made certain not to tone down their personality or style to appease the subjects in question. They have made it known that those questioning their approach would continue to bring “that same energy” to the issue.

In most cases, the people in question could not bring The Bodega Boys to a place of change. The primary reason was that each individual did not have the energy to remain offended. They did not have the response to why they chose to be public with their anger rather than handle things like adults away from the camera. Bottom line, they could not sustain what they did not already have.

That random lesson from TV sparked a thought about real energy/endurance. I can’t count how many times I wake up in the morning and feel weary. My wife would say that I don’t have good sleep hygiene (p.s. I have been better with getting seven hours of sleep). I could say that it is my vitamin D deficiency (many midwesterners lack it). I realize that many of us may treat energy like points with a Wyndham timeshare–borrowing from tomorrow to compensate for today.

We are always grinding to handle business, take care of responsibilities, or spend time with family. In the process, we have done nothing but be busy burning out what is or is not within us. It is almost impossible to sustain a grind without recharging. It is impossible to be everything to everyone all the time without knowing who you are for you. My God, it is unfathomable for any human being to be balanced while functioning in an environment of imbalance. So what do we do? Learn from a story of provision.

When reading in Exodus 16 about the manna, I discovered something I didn’t see coming. Moses explained to the people that one should only gather what they could eat for the day. The text never said that they could not get what they wanted. The challenge was to get people to be introspective about what they could truly handle at one time. Those who had left overs did not get to enjoy the extra. The extra was worm infested and rotten.

The imagery taught me some interesting lessons of God’s provision and our response. When it comes to the energy to endure, God provides daily. Our capacity to receive is only so much. People have been so consumed with the idea and impression that overflow is so paramount that we do not take the time to consider that the limit for us is just that–a necessary limit.

Look again at the text. Moses give a prescribed amount. Each person that received that amount discovered their own limit of consumption. In other words, some of us need more for our daily journey and some of us need less. I need a daily word, time for meditation, and the capacity to write to get me through the day. Other people just need a moment alone and mix that alone time with other outlets. Yet, some people need connection with others to energize their day. Whatever is necessary to fill you up is what it will take to match the energy of the day.

You and I can not used left over energy for tomorrow. We don’t always know what it will take. It may not require the same strategy, skill, or technique. Every day is a unique experience that requires different approaches. However, each day is an opportunity to be reminded of our source.

Toward the end of the chapter, God commanded Moses to take an omer of manna to place with in the Ark of the Covenant. This would serve as the reminder of provision from God in the wilderness. God always provides in difficult circumstance. Even though we may have a consumption capacity, we have limitless access to our supply. The beauty of making it through the day is knowing that God will not cut off my supply. Yet, God will always know that I trust that what I need will always be present. It will never be taken for granted. It will serve as a focus point. God will supply all my needs, so I can bring the same energy to my challenges.

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