Getting Better Daily

It was 6:36 this morning, and I found myself in my bed staring at my pillow with a thought running rampant in my mind. Am I a better person today? I know some people are not going to have the desire to engage in some introspective look in the soul at this very moment. However, it is a question that I personally wrestle with daily.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see progress when you are looking at a to-do list for your life. You and I can be living in the deep waters of preoccupation with so many distractions. Most people just want to live with a certain level of comfort and ease that makes the journey more bearable. Yet, we question whether or not we deserve that type of existence. We interrogate our motives for being better people. We agitate future by superimposing our present as the only outcome of our lives.

Brothers and sisters, we must live in the realities of this moment, but we must not diminish the opportunity for better. Every day is an opportunity to become a better person. We must take the lessons of the past and use the information for the future. We must become individuals who strive for become our best selves on each day. I don’t want to be father of the year for 20 minutes. I want my son to see me as “the man” every chance I get. I don’t want to be a great spouse on Valentine’s Day. I want to be a lover, partner, and friend everyday.

All those statements above mean I must give effort to those areas of my life. Nobody is going to obtain the object of their faith constantly telling themselves and others that they claim it, but do absolutely nothing. The Bible is clear that “faith without works is incomplete”. Your better days are not all on God. You have a part in seeing the manifestation. In order to “get better”, I must “get up and do something”.

Do not overlook the opportunity that God presents for you and I to become everything God intended. Do not lose the chance to make certain that your inner being is strengthened daily. To repeat myself from yesterday on Facebook: “If your superficial appearance is stronger than your character, you possess a hollow existence.” Make today a better day…

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