A Lesson From Mt. Dew and Water

I was thinking today about how much I love two specific drinks. My body needs and wants water. I drink so much water that my wife would swear that I am a fish. But, I also enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of Mountain Dew. It has enough caffeine for my day. It has enough taste for my enjoyment.

Each of these drinks serve a purpose in the course of my day. As I stated before water brings life to my entire system. It flushes out toxins, softens the skin, and hydrates all my vital organs. Water is a necessary component for living.

In contrast, mountain dew is only good for one specific thing. And it gives an instant, temporary energy boost. This pop has given me more quick bursts in my academic journey, preaching preparation, and moments of anticipation than any other drink I can think of.

So why am I talking about these two drinks? I speak of them as object lessons for our lives. Sometimes in life people, situations, circumstances, or any other aspect of life provides certain aspects to our living that are good and necessary.

Some elements are water for our souls. We find refreshing when we listen to certain people. We find encouragement that washes away the toxins of doubt and fear. We discover moments that invigorate our purpose in our destiny all in one shot. Everyone needs water daily.

Sometimes, life presents us with caffeinated moments. They give us an energy boost to fulfill our purpose and our destiny. They give us a jolt so that we can demonstrate to the world that we don’t sit idly by while life passes. We have opportunities that generate a fire and an determination that seems to come out of nowhere if only for a moment.

Here is the kicker. Too much of a good thing can cause harm at unexpected moments.

As much as I love Mountain Dew, I would never drink it at the same capacity of drinking water daily. My body would begin to crave the caffeine so much that any level of withdrawal could do damage to my mind, my nerves, or any other aspect of my body.

Even water can potential he have damaging affects. If I drink too much at one time, my body can lock up. Too much water may be a sign that I’m thirsting for something else. It may be a sign that my body craves not the water, but other food, sugar, or anything else that the body may desire.

So be careful too many compliments. Be aware of too many moments that become pressing and not actual opportunities. Be careful of creating more energy for insignificant things and running out of that same energy to give to the most important elements of your life.

Stay balanced in your thirst, my friends.

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