The Hardest Part of Being a True Leader…..Saying “Help”

In preparing for my first published book, I’ve had to sit down with my publisher on many occasions to talk about the project. Yesterday, I ran into a moment where I began to default to old habits. I was asked pointblankly, are you OK? All I could do was sit there and say, I’m OK. Deep in my heart, I knew I wasn’t OK.

Before my meeting, I was dealing with so many emotions about life, the project, work, and internal strife. It felt like I couldn’t shake the idea that for the first time in my life I was close – I am close – to completing a major project that is not academic. Needless to say, your boy was dealing with serious fear. While wrestling fear, I did not have the heart to just say help.

Why does this happen to anybody?

In my case, I was always taught to find a way back to get it done. For me it was a coping and defensive mechanism to make sure that people didn’t hurt me, that I old no man or woman a debt, and in a sick twisted way I learned self-reliance.

Now is a grown man I realize the serious error of my ways. There’s no such thing as weakness when we need to ask for help. It is in the asking for help we learn about our own strengths and weaknesses. We find out if our personal circles have strengths or serious deficiencies. We discover our own limitations and our willingness to go beyond our competencies to find greater resources that enhance our ability to be great.

Help is not a stumbling block. Help is not a cry to expose our weaknesses. Help is necessary to build us up and take us places we have never been. So if you are a leader, a servant, a visionary, or a dreamer remember that asking for help is necessary to launch you to higher heights and deeper depths.

Have you ever heard of the word team? A team relies on several parts for success. In the early 90s, Michael Jordan finally found success when he went all in with his team. Yes, he is an all-time great, but without the other parts he would’ve never won six championships.

If we are going to find true success, we must be willing to let others not only support us, but help us also. More than you realize, the best parts of your life are always in position to aid you to your destiny.

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