Love Lifted Me

I realize that it seems cliché to talk about love on Valentine’s Day. However, I think it is necessary to reflect on the nature of love that extends beyond the romantic. It is important that every day, 365 days out of the year, that the enterprise of love between human beings is fully examined, expressed, and engaged.

I recognize more than ever that my existence in this world would not be possible without the full expression of love at the high and low moments of my life. I can never repay anybody that is ever walked with me, talked with me, and let me know that my existence was priceless and worth it.

Many days, it can be difficult to look at yourself and say my existence has value. There are some people that on this day will be lamenting because there’s nobody that will send them a card, take them to a meal, or even engage in any of the marketing ploys brought on by the day.

I want to use my platform to let you know that no matter what the day will bring, you are absolutely important to the enhancement of this world. I want to use the space to just let somebody know you are loved today and every day. I know it is hard to believe sometimes that people still have any kind of emotional attachment or engagement with other people beyond social media or any other types of platforms.

Yet, you need to know that you are loved for all of your humanness. Your uniqueness is necessary. Your talent will enhance our world. Your beauty creates greater enhancement to the landscape. We need you.

We need you to be whole. We need you to be well. We need you to be intact. Heck, I need you as a part of this world to be the best version of yourself, as I need the same things for myself. In this world today, it is more important to love on one another then continue to perpetuate a landscape and space of hatred and negativity. Only when we genuinely care will we lift each other beyond the fragmented and divisive thought patterns that occupy our community and environment.Let us lift each other up. Love one another and watch change happen.



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