If Loving Me Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right…..

For years, many people have struggled with the idea of truly loving him or herself. The challenge has been finding the medium between being full of ego and walking in humility. Yet, the world today has dictated the necessity for learning how to love oneself in more pragmatic and intentional ways.

In times past, I used to believe that it was more of an honorable thing to love others, give others preference over myself, and caring for others to my own detriment. Reality taught me that putting myself fully to the side was not only an unhealthy practice, but it was a severely dangerous practice also.

In order to be effective for others, your purpose, and your destiny, we must understand the importance of a simple term called self care. It is the most important weapon in our quest to be relevant, strong, and life-changing to our environment.

Today when you go and take care of your kids, fulfill tasks at work, or even spend time with all types of love ones, remember that it is OK to say no. You’re not an evil person if you decide that you must take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. It is OK to want to watch Netflix and be by yourself. It is absolutely normal to go out to dinner and enjoy a meal without gossip.

Love yourself. Love yourself enough to make sure that you are strong, kind to you, and forgiving of what you have not done until now.



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