The After Affects of an Ego Trip

Reminded My Blessing Was Not Generated From My Effort

When we look at the landscape of our society, it is very apparent that more people are demonstrating attitudes energized by over inflated ego. The problem with the trend is that most people do not realize that the issues that are generated and promoted by egotistical people end up having a long term effects on society, environments, families, and even organizations.

At the end of trips like these, we discover that individuals driven by pursuits formed in the deep recesses of inflated egos ultimately crash and burn. Do not get me wrong, lessons are always learned from the good and bad presentations of lives lived in the manner. It is our responsibility to extract the lessons that will aid us in not tripping on the intoxicating nature of our egos.

In the Bible, David had a moment where he decided that the kingdom was all about him rather than about God. In that moment of thinking of himself more highly then he ought, David decided to take a census that God did not authorize. This account was to show David that he was greater than God. Even though the Prophet said don’t do it, David went ahead.

In the process, God revealed to David that his minute greatness could not match the judgment and power of the Almighty. David had to learn many lessons because of this bad judgment call. God reminded him that the kingdom did not belong to David. At best, David was a manager of a kingdom responsibility.

We must never forget that when God entrusts us with a responsibility, fruit of that labor is not our own. Everything that God has granted us the privilege to involve ourselves with has His name written all over it. We must always walk in humility and remember that it was not our ability that brought us to this place. Our positioning and our privilege was given by God Almighty.

So the next time you or I begin to believe our own hype, let us take a lesson from David. Take a step back and consider where you started and how far you have come. David went from the pastor to the palace. David was the least likely to be king, but God chose him because of the heart of worship that pointed back towards heaven.

When reflecting in that manner, the reflection will serve as medicine that will allow your humility to be at the forefront and the sickness of the inflated ego to subside. We may have worked hard to oversee the God-given responsibility, but we still needed the Lord to strengthen us and give us wisdom to carry out his plan. The blessing is not about us, but it always points back to how a powerful God is merciful and gracious to work his loving will through us.






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