Growing Weary of “Trump Syndrome”

I have been away for several months. Some of the time away from the blog was due to normal life. Working, marriage, and fatherhood is enough to keep any man busy. However, I have been reflecting on the world around me. Just because on does not write or creatively express as often does not suggest that observation ceases. During the observation, one conclusion has rested in my spirit. We have given the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue too much credit. Allow me to elaborate. 

Through social media, print, television, and random conversations, people have expressed their disdain for our current president. I am definitely not going to write as if my displeasure does not line up with the masses about constant incompetence, lack of leadership, and emptiness of decency. Nevertheless, people have to stop feeding into the idea that one man is the sole reason for the condition of our nation. 

Now, Donald J. Trump is the embodiment of our nation’s deepest seeded character and personality flaws. He does represent individuals who would desire that privilege would outweigh doing the right thing for all people. His presence proves once again our ineptitude to recognize that we must address the sick and twisted mentality that permeates the fabric of the United States. But ladies and gentlemen, this image and representation is not new. 

Look at any organization that has a warped corporate culture. The organization places a charismatic individual at the top of the ladder. The intention is to make certain that the organization will grow, prosper, and gain relevance in the eyes of the greater corporate community. That leader is given everything possible to feed the ego, cover faults, and tolerance indecency across the board. Ultimately, that culture becomes subject to that leader because the lose control of what the organization is supposed to represent. The organization now embodies the personality/monster they created in their chosen leader. Wrong is now right. Right is subject to feelings or tweets. 

May I offer a few things so I can overcome my personal weariness and aid others in not engaging in the worrisome, tiresome antics of this mentality? 

  1. Do not express any displeasure about the nonsense you see without acknowledging any possible hypocrisy you may exhibit.  That means you must be careful about possessing Trump criticism without sweeping to see if you possess the same detrimental tendencies for your environment. 
  2. The best way to address the issues is to develop strategies using your skill set to face them head on. Do not be critical of the protester when you are unwilling to educate yourself of the problems around you. Do not pronounce the ignorance of others when you lack desire to educate those who need it. Do not engage trolls when it wastes your energy to be productive toward a solution. 
  3. If your environment has not been improved by your presence, you are in no moral position to speak against anyone pursuing the greater good. That means, you do not get the right to group people into your negative experience projection of any culture, institution, etc. (All communities, organizations, and faith fellowships that are generally for the greater good of humanity must undergo continuous internal examination. That idea is the standard. That concept is the ethical and moral burden that must always carry.)

Grow weary of the foolishness. Become active in shifting the culture. Provide the antidote to heal the community. Be the change. 

3 thoughts on “Growing Weary of “Trump Syndrome””

  1. I am to the point now to where I am paying attention to what is going on in the White House and our local government but I really haven’t remarked or commented on anything​ lately. I’m tired of hearing and seeing the same complaints on a daily basis. I’m tired of seeing the MEME’S and all the bashing going on. If you are going to try and impeach Trump, then get on with it. How much more evidence do they need to see that he and his cabinet is as crooked as the letter S?


  2. Even beyond this president, we must recognize how many of the traits demonstrated in the administration are displayed everyday in so many contexts. We must be careful not to reflect those characteristics. Otherwise, we become that which we despise.


  3. That’s the scary part about all of this. Those who are outraged because of the Trump election are starting to look and sound like what they despise.


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